Amy's Library  

God uses so many things to mold and form our hearts.  Here are some of the treasures He's generously poured out on me.  I'm grateful to have them in my "library" of influences, and glad to share them with you.

New Wineskins...

FREEDOM!  City Central is a church in Tacoma, WA, where the Lord is doing great things.  I have seen the power of God to bring about the complete freedom, healing and transformation we read about in Acts.  If you can, quit your job and spend a few months with them--it's seriously that life-changing!  Or head to a several day "Freedom Immersion".  If you can't, start off with their 3-book series, then move on to the Freedom Class manual.


IHOP Missions Base (International House of Prayer, Kansas City) is a 24-7 prayer base led by Mike Bickle.  His teaching on prayer and the End-Times is phenomenal and important for every believer, but even more so his revelation of the Bridal Paradigm.  Yes, the love Jesus has for us is like that of a Bridegroom for his Bride, and every movement we make as individuals and as the Church must be birthed from this love.  Most of Mike's teaching can be found in CD, mp3, or book format.  Delve into it, especially his series on the Song of Solomon, the Life of David, and the End-Times (Omega course).

New Wine...

Heaven, by Randy Alcorn.  An utterly indispensable book on the subject of the New Earth - the orthodox doctrine of Heaven that has been skimmed over by the church for the last 200 years.  Do you think heaven's going to be boring?  Well, curl up with this book and prepare to be flung into a realm of delight you could not have anticipated!

The Pleasures of God, by John Piper.    This book describes the enormous and overwhelming truth of who God is.  It will leave you utterly glad both about God Himself, and about the fact that you belong to Him.

The Final Quest, by Rick Joyner.    This is an amazing recounting of a vision given to the author.  It describes the last-days battle the Church is in, and the importance of having God's heart of humility and love during it.

New Songs to Sing...

Eternity, a CD by Misty Edwards.    Misty is a prophetic worshiper in the IHOP prayer room.  The 11th song on this CD, Only a Shadow, has always seemed to me to be Perpetua's heart-cry.  

Trusting the Angels, a CD by Jason Upton.   God used these songs to move my heart as He spoke to me about joining Him on the last year's journey of faith.